HyperCam 3

HyperCam is very easy to use program that can capture everything you see or hear on your PC. It helps to create colorful and vivid tutorials and presentations. It has useful features, such as ability to add notes while capturing screen actions and the ability to edit your videos in the cutting-edge media editor already built into SolveigMM HyperCam.
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Have a control panel in the taskbar when recording

Annoyingly the app minimizes when recording making you have to search for the app on the taskbar, making pausing or stopping difficult and adds time to the recording. Perhaps have a control panel on the taskbar or a "non-recordable" one on...
Buskieboy, 22.07.2011, 03:46
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Allow audio to record only from the sound card so that outside noise will not get in the way.

Yitz, 22.07.2011, 17:37
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output to EXE, and recording HD video that's cool!

junkedai, 03.10.2011, 13:15

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