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how about able to record games.... for making game tutorials??

Siddhant , 21.07.2011, 07:28
Idea status: under consideration


whiterabbit-uk, 21.07.2011, 07:53
If you read the introduction to this software it tells you that it can record tutorials and later says Creating video presentations, tutorials, movies or games recording for professional purposes or just for fun as well as the ability to add notes. These would suggest that this can be used to create game tutorials. :)
Jay, 21.07.2011, 08:05
It is possible to record games, doesn't the description clearly state so?
BuBBy, 21.07.2011, 08:12
You may have to read more than just the GOTD description to learn what the product is capable of.
Bindy Bains, 21.07.2011, 08:12
I've stated this many times, 95% of the people here don't even try or read up on the program before posting comments. User Michael is notorious for doing this and saying, "Make it Portable" as well, usually just to get a credit added to his score listing. Sometimes I wish these comments were taken down as it hurts the software 99% of the time from people trolling.

Bindy Bains.

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