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Hello Solveig Multimedia

Sweet program & thanks for sharing this with us.
Here is my contribution after testing HyperCam.

1) Adjustable viewmodes in "recent records" ie: thumbnails/lists - Ability of Scrolling Up/Down
2) Separate views of "Snapshots/Recordings"
3) Ability of selecting Target/Window from HyperCam Bar
4) Add more Interface languages
5) Ability of disabling Splash Screen
6) Use the same GUI skinning for Media Editor
7) Media Editor seems slightly complicated versus Recording/Snapshots which is easy
8) Ability of adding Annotations & Callouts
9) Ability of using Custom Output Sizes & Presets
10) Compile a native 64bit version
11) Ability from recording creating a "Thumbnail Contact Sheet" ie: 5x5/4x6/6x6
12) Ability of creating Videos/Screenshots for manuals & presentations - Step by Step & output project as html
13) Ability of adding Background Voices/Music afterwards
14) Portable version @69.95 EURO - Difference seems much compared @29.95 EURO standard version.

Other than that .. Cool stuff & please come back again..
All the best.. Bionic

Bionic, 21.07.2011, 15:51
Idea status: under consideration


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